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About FENU

Logo 2The Forum for education NGO’s in Uganda (FENU) is a national coalition of civil society organizations. Collectively we stand up for the right to education for all children in Uganda.

Founded in 2001, FENU is guided by the Millennium development goals.

FENU’s identity is rooted in its commitment to ensuring a meaningful, respectful and valuable education for all people in Uganda. FENU aims to play a lead role in articulating the interests and expectations for a quality and equitable education for all.

Our Vision

We seek a Uganda, where injustices in education policy and delivery have been overcome hence; “Sustainable Quality Education for All”.

Our Mission

FENU works to improve quality, access, equity, and sustainability of education for all; drawing strengths from its national diversity, and strategic linkages with civil society and private sector, to facilitate and influence lasting change in the education sector.

Our Values

  • Mutual Respect: We affirm the inherent capacity and contribution of community institutions, international agencies, donors, and our member organisations.
  • Solidarity: Our commitment is grounded in standing up for the rights to a full and empowering education for all
  • Integrity: We act candidly and transparently in all the work we do, and accept responsibility for our collective and individual actions
  • Freedom from Control: We work independently of any religious, political  or any other ideological affiliation or any other interests (overt or otherwise) so as to equitably serve the cause of education in Uganda
  • Excellence: We invariably challenge ourselves to the highest levels of learning and performance to achieve greater impact

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